Romantic & Luxurious Vacation Rentals in Asheville, North Carolina

Romantic & Luxurious Vacation Rentals
in Asheville, North Carolina

Oh my! Black Bears in Asheville, NC!

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The Danger of Black Bears

So, it is that time of year folks! The weather has warmed up, the berries are in season and so are the Black Bears! If you’re vacationing in Asheville, NC you will stand the chance of seeing these interesting creatures. According to the WNC Nature Center, Black Bears can get over 300 lbs! We have been lucky enough to have a couple of sightings behind our vacation rentals here in Asheville, NC. In fact, not too long ago, one of our guests spotted a bear casually swimming in our pond! How funny!

If you’re looking for a cabin rental in Asheville, don’t be surprised if you come across some wildlife. Black Bears are common around wooded areas and they are very curious creatures. Not to worry though, these inquisitive guys will leave you alone so long as you do the same to them. At our vacation rentals here in Asheville, we tell our guests to be respectful of all wildlife. Make sure you bring your cameras, as you never know what you’ll see!

There are a lot of places to view wildlife. These include areas off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Great Smoky Mountains Visitor Center, right here at Asheville Country Cabins, the NC Arboretum, or anywhere in and around Asheville, NC.

About Us...

After spending years vacationing in the Asheville area, we decided to make Asheville our home. We wanted to bring our family vacationing experiences, our love for the mountains, and our fun experiences in the unique and quirky city, to others coming to the area. Quality time with friends and family has always been important to us. We kept all of these elements in mind when designing a place for others to come and create their own memories here in Asheville. 


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