Romantic & Luxurious Vacation Rentals in Asheville, North Carolina

Romantic & Luxurious Vacation Rentals
in Asheville, North Carolina


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Learning never stops regardless of your age.  A big thank you to our wonderful guests staying with us at Asheville Country Cabins for opening my eyes and mind to concepts that I was previously oblivious to……..for example, the Babymoon.  When learning about this celebration, I immediately took to Google so as to learn more about Babymoons and to satisfy my growing curiosity.  You see, being in my senior years, my knowledge of many relatively new things,  is  quite limited.

Actually, I found out that the term Babymoon originated from a British woman names Sheila Kitzinger in one of her many books on natural childbirth.  This book was titled “The Year After Childbirth”, written in 1996.  Ms. Kitzinger intended this term to mean a time, right after childbirth, to allow the new parents to bond with their infant. Since that time, the implementation of a  Babymoon has undergone some changes.  Currently, a babymoon gives the expectant couple the time to relax and rejuvenate before the baby arrives.  That is certainly a nice way to have a romantic, carefree time to enjoy one another’s company in advance of the expanding family.

Don’t think that Babymoons are only reserved for first-time parents. Veteran parents are well aware that time alone with their partner is greatly diminished after the birth of an infant. A Babymoon allows the whole family to enjoy being together before the new addition arrives.  It also gives any siblings, together with their parents, the opportunity to share the long awaited anticipation of this new family member.

I think Babymoons are great for both before and after the birth of your baby.  Bonding, as a family, is a great thing at anytime!!  Asheville Country Cabins is a fantastic place to bond for Babymoons or any other time! Spending time together as a couple, or a family, brings you much closer together.  Asheville is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors amongst many other local attractions. Enjoy the beauty of nature together with those so near and dear to your heart. Enjoy the great food and everything else this wonderful area has to offer!

I am all for Babymoons!  Babymoons before and/or after the baby sure sounds good to me.  Remember, you don’t even need to be going on a Babymoon to set aside the time to spend quality time with those you love. Looking back, even a few minutes every day of undivided attention to those closest to you can go a really long way!!!!


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After spending years vacationing in the Asheville area, we decided to make Asheville our home. We wanted to bring our family vacationing experiences, our love for the mountains, and our fun experiences in the unique and quirky city, to others coming to the area. Quality time with friends and family has always been important to us. We kept all of these elements in mind when designing a place for others to come and create their own memories here in Asheville. 


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